Bandersnatch is my hilarious and beloved Northern Blue Tongue Skink. I have had him for about a year now and I am pretty hard pressed to pick an animal I adore more than I adore this skink.
In addition to being gorgeous, he is also quite a character. He has figured out how to escape his cage, and if I don’t shut the doors just right, he routinely makes a bid for freedom and ends up in strange places. These places include under my roommate’s couch, in my bookshelf, in my laundry basket, in my sock drawer, and one of the most startling, asleep in the middle of my bed when I got home late one night.

More recently he has taken to escaping and then sleeping in my clothes.  Used to be he’d just sleep in my laundry basket, usually on a work shirt or jeans or something similar and easy to wash.  Lately, however, he’s realized he can squeeze under my closet door, and this morning I found this:

bandersnatch sleeping

Note that to get up there he knocked over all of my individually housed baby Fat Tails.

In addition to escaping often, he also likes to eat anything and everything he can.  And I mean anything. This makes feeding him a varied diet quite easy, as all I have to do is put it in the cage and if it’s edible he’ll eat it. This also means he tries to eat a lot of things that aren’t edible.

This includes concrete.

Bandersnatch Concrete

I had to take this away from him three times, and finally ended up just hucking it over the fence because he wouldn't leave it alone

Also, numerous dog toys.

Bandersnatch Dog bone

This was the first week I had him home. He chased my dog away and stole his rawhide bone.

He also steals bones, squeaky toys, and leashes, although I do not have pictures of those.

bandersnatch rawhide

This was the other night, after he again stole my dog's rawhide away from him.

This skink is just the most ridiculous creature I own.  His girlfriend, Jabberwocky, is not nearly so charismatic and hilarious.  In fact, she is quite a grouch and glares at me, Bandersnatch, and everything else in her sight constantly.

Angry Jabberwocky

You may recognize her from the image at the top of the page. Yep, that's the Jabberwocky.

I am very much of the opinion that these should be the most popular reptile pets out there, above and beyond bearded dragons.  They’re hilarious, just as easy to care for, and with buckets and buckets of personality.